Back to School Tips with Meghan Ryan, MSEd

Back to School Tips with Meghan Ryan, MSEd

Woohoo…it’s back-to-school season! As a mom and educator, I love this time of year but it can be difficult to get set for school after a relaxed and fun summer. It’s our job as parents to help with the transition so I’m sharing a few of the ways I prepare. 

  • Bring bedtime back - Enforce a time that works best for your family and stick with it on the nights leading up to the first day of school. A consistent bedtime helps kids with organization, and it also helps them to self regulate and relax, which of course promotes growth and development. In our house, iPads or other devices are always powered down before 7:30pm. We allow enough time to wind down with books and other calming activities like yoga before they fall asleep. Some nights we use Storyline Online, a free children’s website where actors read to children, which my kids love. 
  • Conquer the mornings - We follow a typical morning routine.. Once they are ready for the day, I encourage my kids to play an educational game to get their brain moving or we head outside to get their bodies moving! You can also download coloring pages from Clover to start the day! 
  • Backpacks - Get them excited to use a backpack again for their daily journey to and from school. Take a shopping trip with them so they can be involved in selecting their bag. It’s a great way to build enthusiasm around school and it also helps with decision-making skills. Select a size that fits their body comfortably as backpacks that do not fit properly may cause back or shoulder pain. Finally, if you have nervous kids, make a family keychain to add to their backpack or stick pictures inside. 
  • Snacks - Snacks don’t have to be boring. Pick out snack bags and boxes with fun designs and shapes. Shop local! And there’s no excuse not to buy reusable. A reusable option is not only eco-friendly, it provides an opportunity to get your kids involved with cleaning them each day! 
  • Daily or Weekly Affirmations - Remind your kids that they are great! It is so important to strengthen children’s self esteem and self love, and encourage positive self talk. This can easily be done with sticky notes that you can affix to their mirrors and read aloud with them daily. If they’re older, write a quick note for their lunch box. I love these affirmation cards. It  doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be positive! There's even a Clover affirmation card you can download for free here.

  • Labels - It drives me bonkers when my kids lose something so I am a label queen. I personally like Mabel’s Labels because you can shop while fundraising for your school.  

Good luck with the start of school! And join me for deep play here

Meghan Ryan, MSEd is a Special Education Teacher with a passion for mindfulness, meditation and movement.