An App Supporting You Through Your Motherhood Era

An App Supporting You Through Your Motherhood Era

Small Business Spotlight: Bumpdate

Forming a village of support, open communication channels, and trusting relationships can help you through those lonely waiting room moments, the suspense of parenthood, and the midnight madness of the postpartum haze. The Journal of Health Psychology states that, “social support has been found to buffer against stressors, reducing psychological distress, depression and anxiety in turn impacting physical health.” It will carry you into your motherhood era and you can embrace the beautiful rollercoaster that lies ahead. 

A simple text, call or friendly gesture makes a difference during these challenging life transitions. That is why Gabrielle Iorio Sylk and Tyler Sylk, sisters-in-law and both moms of two, created an app called Bumpdate to support women through motherhood. 

The app encourages connection and social support for expecting individuals who are statistically at a higher risk of experiencing mental health challenges. 

The duo believes deeply in the power of social connection and how it is imperative for prenatal and postpartum well-being. The Bumpdate app allows users to share their pregnancy due date, appointments, registry link and even their children's birthday. It also pushes out notifications to friends and family when entering a new trimester or announcing baby’s arrival.

“Plenty of pregnancy tracker apps tell you if your baby is a peach or a cantaloupe, but no app helps you remember the important details about those closest to you.” says Founder, Gabrielle Iorio Sylk.

“It is a way to use technology to improve the way we care for our expecting loved ones, so we can check in when it matters most, and send those important texts at the perfect moment,” adds Creative Director, Tyler Sylk. 

As your pregnancy progresses, your eyes will be open to a whole new world of motherhood.   

The serenity, the anxiety and the anticipation of what’s to come is comforted by friends reassuring you that you are doing great. You’re paying more attention to how your friends with kids are parenting, what they packed in their diapers bags, asking them what items were truly helpful to them in the newborn phase. You become a sponge for information as your imagination begins to grasp how much your life is going to change. 

This early communication with your support system will become the foundation once your baby arrives, as you will text these same people at 2am with your questions, and they will kindly guide you through your next challenge. 

Friendship is good for your mental health. Stay connected during one of the most momentous and memorable times – pregnancy and motherhood. Available for free  to download from the App Store and Google Play. Your friends are waiting to support you!