Activities to celebrate Independence Day

Activities to celebrate Independence Day

with Lavina Dadlani Nandwani @playbakecreate

Tape Resist Painting:
Use tape to help your kids paint Bomb Pops in
red, white, and blue in different shapes like in our Popsicle print!
It’s inspiring for a budding artist.

Homemade Popsicles:
Make your own popsicles by blending fruits and
freeze them in order of color to make your own Bomb Pops at home.
Think raspberries or strawberries for red, yogurt for white, and
blueberries for blue! It's not only fun but healthier than the
store-bought pops.

Paint Your Favorite Themed Cookies:
It’s a snacktivity!

Magic Milk:
Try a STEM experiment like magic milk with food coloring,
milk, and dish soap! Simply add drops of food coloring to a shallow
tray of milk. Dab a q-tip with dish soap in the center, and observe
what happens!

Playdough Tinker Tray:
Get your favorite playdough in red, white, and
blue, and add in loose parts, rollers, and other tools. Let your kids
unleash their creativity!

Happy Independence Day!


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