Creating a Custom Print with a Personal Connection

Creating a Custom Print with a Personal Connection

When designing our prints, we always strive to evoke a personal connection. We hope our illustrations tell a story, and that you and your kids find sentimental value in our designs. Our new Movie Night Print is particularly sentimental for me because it's inspired by my Mom, my best friend. -Nikki

The Story Behind the Print

My mom passed away in 2011 when I was 28. Ever since launching Clover, I wanted to honor my Mom in two of the titles she never saw me hold: mother and business owner.
So, one day, I asked my family to name any object/animal/food/etc. that came to mind when they thought of my Mom. 
Here are just a few ideas that were thrown out:
  • Purple Boa (she wore this on a cancer walk we did in her honor)
  • Elephant (her favorite animal)
  • Dance (fun fact: my Mom danced on American Bandstand!)
But when my sister-in-law mentioned “popcorn” and immediately after my brother said “movies,” a theme was established. My mom loved going to the movies on Saturday nights, and I think what she loved most about going to the theater was (you guessed it) the popcorn! I remember a close friend delivering a bucket from the theater to cheer her up during the time she was going through chemo treatment. Plus, growing up, I have very specific memories of gathering on the sofa as a family to watch movies and/or TV together.

Bringing the Theme to Life

Our print designer at the time was Sara Berrenson. The only direction I gave Sara was to create the popcorn bucket with the quintessential red stripes. I also had a vision of popcorn spilling throughout the print.
She began sketching and then bringing the print to life by painting the different elements. As always, we experimented with colors, shapes, and layouts but there weren’t many edits at all... Sara captured my vision perfectly.
And then producing marketing images at our photoshoot was so much fun as you can see here…

Cherish the Cuddles

This special print was designed several years ago, and I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with all of you. It represents the little moments, like gathering on the sofa as a family to watch a movie. So, cuddle up and cherish those moments. They’re what matter most!